Tomorrow’s the day!

Tomorrow, my book, Brothers with Benefits, will finally be released by Stiff Rain Press! I had a ton of fun writing BWB and I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks about it!

Here’s the latest blurb for the book:

Josh is secretly in love with Erick. How could he not be? Erick is sweet, funny, smart, and as wonderful as he is handsome. He’s simply everything Josh could ever want in a man. Plus, there’s no one in the world that knows or understands him better. After all, Josh and Erick have been friends and companions for as long as either can remember.

But Josh is sure that he’ll never find the right opportunity to share his feelings with Erick.

However, everything changes when Josh creates a profile on the popular online social network, Visive Encounters, a video chat website that randomly arranges face-to-face meetings with strangers via webcam. One night, in a collision of fate and software algorithms, Josh is more than surprised when his monitor reflects a mirror image…his random connection is none other than the object of his desire, his twin brother Erick.

With only a screen of pixels separating them, will Josh finally be able to confess his more-than-brotherly feelings to his twin? Will a lifetime of memories be enough to hold the brothers together?

2 Responses to “Tomorrow’s the day!”

  1. Cinders Says:

    I so loved Brothers with Benefits. Of course I wanted more but as a reader and a woman
    you know how us readers are and yes this is the first time I have read anything from you.
    I am gonna have to research your cute little self

  2. William Cooper Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! I hope you find other books of mine that you like as well! =)

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